Background: Äthiopien

Conflict in the multi-ethnic state: Saving lives in Tigray

Access to basic medical care and food in the North of ethiopia


In November last year the situation in the Tigray region in the North of Ethiopia has escalated. Since then, insecurity and fear linger on. The rare reports, which reach us from this region, show how precarious the situation has become for the people on site today. Food and clean drinking water are lacking, human and peoples' rights have reportedly been violated. Tens of thousands have fled since the start of the conflict. Experts estimate that approximately 2.5 million people depend on humanitarian help.

Even before the outbreak of the conflict the Tigray population suffered from supply problems, because a major part of the crops had been destroyed by the ongoing locust plague. As always in such disasters, expectant mothers, children and women are hit especially hard. Many women, who have not enough to eat, are not able to breastfeed their babies. Health care centres are closed or out of reach.

Hunger is one of the biggest problems in times of conflict. As shown in this photo we also help with food parcels. Photo: Wolfgang Zwanzger

humedica is active on site via the Ethiopian partner „Mothers and Children Multisectoral Development Organization” (MCMDO). Our focus is to secure life-saving basic supply for children under five years, nursing and pregnant women. Thus, we also aim to reduce the infant mortality rate.

The aid measures are planned to take place in several districts of Tigray and to benefit more than 6,200 Menschen. The children will not only be treated for undernourishment, they will also get jabs and medicine for everyday use. In order to secure the long-term care, medical personnel will be trained. Contact points for parents will be installed in order to sensibilize them for the topic of nutrition so that in the future they will be able to recognize signs for malnutrition early on and to react faster against.

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