After the floods in Indonesia

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Maria and her daughter could escape to their neighbors. They are glad about the help from humedica and AO Care. Photo: AO Care

Maria is grateful that there are people, who care. During the heavy floods in Indonesia one week ago parts of her house have been destroyed. The 56-year-old and her family could flee to neighbors who live higher up the mountain. Since then, they hold out there. Every time it is raining, they become restless fearing the torrents will come again and carry them along this time.

Helpers treat people out in the open. Photo: AO Care

In the Easter days, the heavy floods in Indonesia caused by cyclone Seroja claimed more than 100 lives. Countless victims were injured or had to flee like Maria. The local humedica partner AO Care offers the people in the region Adonara free medical care. Furthermore, helpers distribute face masks to protect the victims from COVID infections as well as a basic supply of food like rice, noodles, sugar, cookies and cooking oil.

Maria is grateful for the help. Now she can start to rebuild her house. The relief supplies help her to keep up at least a bit of ordinary daily life. Only when it rains heavily, she still becomes nervous.

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