Background: Ethiopia

Ethiopia: A hospital for the region

How humedica improves medical care in the Somali region


When people came to the hospital in Dollo one year ago, they had to be lucky to receive adequate treatment. The former operator of the clinic had given it up, the remaining personnel was no longer paid, the operating theatre was in a very bad condition. In the summer of 2020 humedica started to take care of the hospital. Since then, much has changed.

The operating room has been brought back to full working order. The number of operations has increased. The practitioners would like to have one more. Photo: humedica

Dollo is the biggest settlement in the Dollo Ado Region, a district in Ethiopia near to the borders of Somalia and Kenia. About half a million people live here in this wasteland dominated by heat, sand and stones – a majority of them refugees from the neighboring Somalia.

The hospital is the only one within a radius of approximately 80 kilometers, which takes here several hours driving if you have a car or a motorbike available. Most people here walk or take the bus. Many of them are nomads, who move from place to place depending on the availability of food for their cattle.

The medical head Mohamed in front of the Corona isolation ward. Photo: humedica

There are several health care support bases in the refugee camps, which provide basic medical care. But who needs further treatment, has to go the clinic in Dollo.

Like Ahmed, who came here one year ago suffering from a skull fracture and hoping for help. All the employees in Dollo were able to do for him, was to treat his wound provisionally and to send him on his way. The X-ray apparatus was broken, the operating room not operational. There was neither qualified staff nor appropriate equipment.

One year ago, Ahmed came to the clinic in Dollo and had to be sent on his way again. Today he could be treated. Photo: humedica

Today, things are different. humedica trained the existing medical personnel and hired additional staff. Medical equipment was purchased, too. A Corona ward is already completed, a new drug store is in the works at the moment. In the operating theatre four up to five operations take place each day, emergency surgeries as well as selective operations and Cesarean sections. The chances to survive birth has increased noticeably for both mothers and children.

There is strong demand for surgery, which is why the doctors wish for a second operation theatre in order to be able to carry through several operations at a time. A recovery room for freshly operated patients is lacking, too. The overall standard of the clinic is also in need of improvement. Therefore, many rooms are being renovated and fitted out with new technical equipment. It is always a challenge to find suitable spare parts as well as technicians, who are able to replace them.

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It is difficult to find spare parts as well as technicians in the Dollo region in order to repair medical devices. Much has to be done on one´s own. Photo: humedica

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