Zimbabwe: Enough food for children brings hope

by Julia Kittnar,  2020/04/30

Only two months old, Aneni* was abandoned by her mother. When Adila found her, she was lying in a small basket, wrapped in clothes, crying, ill, nearly dead. The 31 years old woman, who herself had given birth to a little girl just a month ago, took the small baby out of the basket. She decided on the spot not to let this child die.

Adila brought Aneni to an orphanage run by Carmelite sisters near her home Usanga in Zimbabwe, where they were able to help the baby. But Adila wanted to support the little girl even more and took her in, although she herself had next to nothing. Adila and her husband Mann Koja already have five children, a sixth one under way. Currently the family is in a difficult situation: Koja has no work and what little they have planted will not bring much harvest as they had no money for fertilizer.

Adila found little Aneni, when she was just one month old, and took her in. Photo: humedica

Due to the difficult economic situation prices escalated in Zimbabwe, wherefore the family is no longer able to buy food, which would ensure a well-balanced nutrition. Neither can they afford to purchase dietary supplements for the two smallest children. Their mother Adila is worried about both children becoming malnourished.

Thanks to the humedica aid program she no longer has to worry about this. „humedica has eased the burden on our shoulders. We no longer have to look for supplementary food for the little ones“, reports Adila. „The children especially love the nutritious peanut butter we put in the porridge.“

The support for the two smallest children lightens the financial burden of the whole family, too. They all live together in a small house in the village Usanga. But the accommodation is too small for the eight family members. The girls and their siblings have virtually no privacy at all. There is no money for hospital visits. If a child falls ill, the family has to rely on household remedies, which unfortunately are not always sufficient. Only rarely they can afford to buy clothes. But since the food for the children is secured, there is more money left. „We have less expenses now and the small amount of money we can save allows us to buy other things“, says Adila.

The mother of five is very grateful. „We thank humedica for its great work and hope that humedica will be able to continue and expand the program.“ Adila has a dream for her children: she wishes for them to live well, to have a future. At the moment the family can only afford school fees for three of their children. „We hope to be able to send all our children to school. We want them to receive an education“, Adila describes her dream.

*all names are changed

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