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Zalando supports humedica’s coronavirus response with 780,000 euros

through the sale of masks


The international aid organization, humedica, receives 780,000 euros from the sale of textile masks on Zalando. The donation from Europe's leading online platform for fashion and lifestyle supports the non-governmental organization's worldwide coronavirus response.

The donated money will be put to use in countries particularly affected by the coronavirus, such as Ethiopia, Brazil, India, Niger and Pakistan. In these countries, humedica supports the distribution of food and hygiene kits to families in need as well as medical care for refugee camps. The organization also helps with information on hygiene and safety measures, protective equipment for medical professionals and school materials for children. In addition, humedica has launched several other projects such as the production of masks in Brazil. These are distributed to people in need, which not only creates necessary protection in poor neighborhoods but also generates important income for women in times of crisis. In total, humedica’s coronavirus response comprises almost 40 projects in more than 20 countries.

Like here in the Philippines, humedica cares worldwide for those who have lost everything through Corona. This is made possible by numerous donations and the generous support from the mask sales by Zalando. Photo: humedica

“I am overwhelmed by the great result. I would like to express a special thanks to those responsible at Zalando, but of course also to the many customers worldwide who have made this success possible. The coronavirus crisis presents all of us with very special challenges. As is so often the case, particularly vulnerable people around the world are especially affected. It is our common concern to support them. I am pleased about the valuable support from Zalando,” says Heinke Rauscher, Managing Director at humedica.

“We are thrilled to see over one million masks sold in less than three months. By wearing masks, our customers not only protect each other but they also donated money, which will enable immediate support from humedica in the form of medical care and food assistance,” says Sara Diez, VP Women’s Category at Zalando. She continues, “It has been uplifting to see our employees teaming up to launch this initiative so quickly to help people in need at this uncertain time”.

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