Typhoon Goni: humedica helps with food in the Philippines

Most severe typhoon for 7 years devastates entire areas


This weekend the typhoon „Goni“ destroyed houses and streets in the Philippines. At least 20 people lost their lives, more are still missing. Several million people are in dire need of help. Together with its partner PHILRADShumedica helps with food packages for affected families.

Hardly one week had passed since the last typhoon Molave before the Philippines were hit by the next typhoon Goni with up to 225 km/h and heavy rain. Goni is said to be the most severe typhoon since „Haiyan“, which had cost more than 6,000 lives in 2013. Goni leaves a dramatic trail of destruction behind: houses lost their roofs or were completely devastated, mud is standing meters high in the streets and in some parts of the country the power supply has collapsed.

Whole houses are covered by masses of mud. Photo: PHILRADS

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humedica assists the people in the Philippines with food packages in cooperation with its longstanding partner PHILRADS. In the region of Bicol, one of the most severely affected areas, food packages are distributed to in total 5,000 persons. Each package containing rice, tuna, sardines, beef and cacao-milk powder feeds one family for a whole week.

The situation is additionally aggravated by the Corona crises, which had affected the country severely even before the typhoon. Many people had lost their jobs due to the pandemics. Furthermore, keeping the necessary distance is difficult under these special circumstances: the evacuation camps, which saved many lives, are crowded. Therefore, PHILRADS distributes the food packages with face masks in accordance with a specific hygiene concept.

However, the situation in the Philippines remains critical: meteorologists have already forecasted another storm for the weekend to come. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Philippine people.

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