The MüKo quarantine cheque

MüKo supports humedica with a 3,000 Euro donation cheque

by Anna Grabner-Strobach,  2020/04/21

The MüKo company does not only work in an agile and team orientated manner, but also engages for others. Every year at Christmas time the company organizes a Christmas donation campaign for the good cause. The employees can suggest a humanitarian organization to benefit from this campaign. In the end they vote democratically, which organization gets this year´s donation.

„Christmas 2019 our employees voted for the international humanitarian organization humedica“, tells us a company speaker. „The whole team is glad to support the projects of humedica with a 3,000 Euro donation. We strongly believe that humedica can use every kind of help, especially in these times.“

A heartfelt thanks from the home office. Cecilia Homilius and her daughter put their heart into sending a handmade Thank You. Photo: humedica

We all are living through unprecedented times. But our work continues, because many people all over the world can not stay at home. Misery and hunger do not bother about quarantine. „We from humedica are very glad about the donation from MüKo, which assists us to continue the help for people, who have fallen on ill times without any fault of their own“, says humedica employee Cecilia Homilius.

Grace Reinhardt and Jens Forker, general manager of the Chinese company. Photo: MÜKO Automation

We would like to thank the whole MüKo team for this meaningful donation. We regret very much not being able to do so in person. Nevertheless, our joy about the generous donation cheque is undiminished. We are looking forward to the times, when we will be able again to meet personally and to shake hands again.

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