"Helping, homeschooling and Saint Nicolas“

The Jugend Bertoldshofen raises money for humedica


Following the good and being an example to others. That was the Jugend Bertoldshofen members´ motto, when they, fitting for St. Nicholas Day, prepared and performed a youth-service together with the community assistant Tobias Aurbacher. At the end of the worship the young community members distributed baked Santas. They raised a revenue of more than 500 € that were generously handed over to humedica e.V..

In the St. Michael church in Bertoldshofen, Germany, the youths explained their youth-service motto: „Helping like St. Nicholas“. By way of illustration, the well-known Nicholas legend was rewritten, transferred into the Corona year 2020 and presented during the service. Here a rich citizen presented a poor family not with three golden apples, but with three laptops in order to outfit the three daughters for homeschooling. To do good to those, who were not so well off like themselves – this was the intention of the youths, when, following the service, they distributed the baked Santas to the community. Afterwards, the young people donated the complete proceedings to humedica.

Community assistant Tobias Aurbacher of the Bistum Augsburg (back row on the right) together with several initiators of the donation (Laura Eberle, Elena Osterried, Pia Bader, Amelie Seelos, from the left) and humedica employees Julia Kittnar and Merit Gröner during the cheque presentation at St. Michael. Photo: humedica

Many community members have a close bearing to the non-profit organization humedica also thanks to the campaign „Present from the heart“ as St. Michael serves as a collection point for parcels each year organized by the community member Elisabeth Sappl. „Many already know ‚Present from the heart‘ from school or from their private surroundings, so humedica is well known among most people here. It was important to us to have the trust of the sponsors in order to support the worldwide humanitarian aid of humedica with the raised money“, the youths explain their choice of the benefitted organization.

We thank the Jugend Bertoldshofen for this great idea and their donation. With your contribution we can help the poorest in the world!

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