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Team Day at humedica

by Anna Grabner-Strobach,  2020/03/03

Last weekend it was time again for the yearly humedica Team Days. Always a great pleasure not only for the humedica initiators, but also for the visitors, who look forward to meeting again. From all over Germany and even from Belgium they came to Kaufbeuren in Germany.

Whether a team has to face heat, cold or challenging situations in the host country, a humedica intervention welds its members together, which is why they are so looking forward to revitalize their friendships. At the same time the Team Days offer an opportunity to get to know each other better and to exchange experiences in the name of charity. As well as to tackle and develop new challenges together, united by common interests and values.

Intubation, too, must be practiced. Photo: humedica

While the present physicians practiced „Intubating under field conditions“, the coordinators gained a deep insight in current humedica projects. Beside work groups and workshops also an interesting follow-up review of the former disaster interventions in Indonesia at the turn of the year 2019/20 was presented, which addressed the human aspect. Its main focus was on people, who have fallen on ill times without any fault of their own, but also on helpers, who, being confronted with many tragic destinies, have to take up emotional challenges. Nevertheless hope prevailed, because only together we can overcome obstacles and provide humanitarian aid.

Working in disaster areas, clinics or prisons, the volunteers take on great hardships to help out of love for their fellow human beings. One more reason to say Thank You for all the strains and volunteer support at the Team Day. But also exceptional services like the 20th anniversary of the intervention team member Alexander Juwena were celebrated extensively. Having completed more than 20 interventions Alexander is not only an „old hand“, but also an indispensable great support for humedica.

General managers Heinke Rauscher and Johannes Peter honored the volunteer commitment of Alexander Juwena as a great and indispensable support of humedica. Photo: humedica

Does that mean that the Team Day solely focused on people and the question what defines a humedican in the course of an intervention? Not only shared human values are important. Teams are characterized both by the efforts of each member as well as by mutual appreciation. Diversity is a keyword, because it is the mixture that counts – and this was most certainly a given at the Team Days 2020.

All participants obviously enjoyed the Team Days. Photo: humedica

Thank you very much to all, who took part in the Team Days. As well as to all the volunteers, whose hearts beat for humedica and who do not hesitate to help people in need. humedica is proud to combine so many different and exceptional people in its team. This was the Team Day 2020, a day shared in the name of people. Thank You.

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