Teklu says: that is how we celebrate Christmas in Ethiopia


„Christmas is great“, explains the six-year old Melaku. His eyes are shining with joy. „It is my favourite holiday. We decorate the Christmas tree and get presents.“ For Melaku and his siblings this is special. While children in Germany can often take pleasure in new toys, he and his siblings get new clothes.

humedica, too, traditionally presents them as well as all other children in the project with clothes. „We are always glad about them“, his twelve-year old brother Teklu tells. „Unfortunately, our mother can not always buy what we are wishing for.“ Nevertheless they are looking forward to it – not only the presents, but also to decorate the Christmas tree together and to celebrate.

Teklu is happy about the present of humedica. Photo: humedica

„We always celebrate the 24th of December in the project“, Teklu says. „Afterwards, we usually celebrate once more at home with friends and family for about one week.” It often gets merry and loud: there is a lot of singing and dancing. And yummy food as well: for example the traditional hotpot Key Wot with the typical Injera bread. Or the festive bread Difo Dabo, which is baked wrapped in banana leaves.

„We love to sing and dance the traditional dances“, tells us Melaku. You can see that he is already looking forward to the next Christmas celebration.

Give Christmas joy to children like Melaku and Teklu
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