Smarter with CGM LAUER

by Anna Grabner-Strobach,  2020/06/03

For many years now humedica works with the LAUER-TAXE® / LAUER-TAXE® Online 4.0 data base of the CGM LAUER company to classify incoming drug donations. The LAUER-TAXE® data base offers extensive information about medicaments. Rightly called a milestone in the innovation history of CGM LAUER, it provides both up-to-date and detailed information about many medical products.

humedica employee Karin is glad about the donation. Photo: humedica

Only an extensive knowledge about incoming drugs allows us to offer a high level of quality. An aspect we value very much here at humedica. We are all the happier that the CGM LAUER company now offers humedica a very special support by providing our colleagues free access to the LAUER-TAXE® Online 4.0 database in the future.

„We from CGM LAUER are very pleased to assist the work of humedica and to contribute to its humanitarian aid for people in need.”

tells us a company speaker.

We happily agree and would like to thank the company for its longstanding and reliable friendship.

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