Sanitary products for Beirut: Corona numbers increase

by Julia Kittnar,  2020/08/23

Since the explosion on 4 August Corona infection numbers are increasing noticeably in the Lebanon. Due to the disaster it was nearly impossible to follow all safety regulation completely. Now a lockdown has been imposed to stem the spreading of the virus. In this difficult situation humedica helps with hygiene kits.

Hospitals and health stations have been damaged by the detonation at the beginning of August. Patients had to be transported to other institutions, the already burdened health care system had to care for many additional victims. „It was to be feared that the Corona virus spreading was likely to increase in this situation“, explains humedica coordinator Roland, who monitors the situation in Beirut since the 10th of August.

Also in the long-term the disaster exacerbates the situation further: Many houses had been destroyed. More people than before have to share the remaining living space. They live more crowded and therefore are more endangered to get infected with Corona.

As many living areas have been destroyed, people have to live close together. This intensifies the risk of faster Corona spreading. Photo: humedica

humedica therefore supports by providing sanitary products. The packages, which will be distributed by the Lebanese partner organisation AMEL, contain among other items soap, towels and several face masks. Due to the lockdown even this kind of help is a challenge.

Besides hygiene articles also matrasses are provided, because many people are left with nothing: from one day to the next their homes were gone.

We would like to express our thanks that so many of you have already supported these people. We would be glad if you could continue to help them and include them in your prayers.

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