Pupils, music and a donation cheque

The Jakob-Brucker-Ensemble donates 3,000 Euro to humedica

by Anna Grabner-Strobach,  2020/03/09

Two times a year the spring and Christmas concerts of the Jakob-Brucker-Gymnasium generate goose bumps. Due to both the moving interpretation and the selfless commitment for people in need. The revenue of the last Christmas concert was now handed over ceremonially to the Kaufbeuren aid organization humedica.

No matter which season, the Jakob-Brucker-Gymnasium concerts are always a success. Also with regard to the 50/50 idea applied to the concert´s revenue: One half of the income goes to the school, the other half to a local charity organization. „Since many years now our music and our concerts are linked with help for other people. We are very glad to help once more“, says school principal Christof Walter.

The last concert focused on an interpretation of „Oratorio de Noël“ by Camille Saint-Saëns for soli, choir and orchestra. Among other compositions, the choirs, the percussion ensemble, Brucker Brass and the Jakob-Brucker-Gymnasium orchestra also presented musical pieces written by Louis Armstrong and Frankie Goes to Hollywood. „It is good that organizations engage for other people. With our donation we can convey to our pupils the idea of taking on responsibility and sharing“, tells us school principal Walter, who handed over the donation.

humedica employee Andrea Felker is glad to accept the donation cheque. From the left to the right: Ulrich Bihlmayer, Andrea Felker, Christof Walter, Raphaela Lutz, Robert Gleichsner. Photo: humedica

humedica employee Andrea Felker did not only accept gladly the generous 3,000 Euro donation cheque, she also lends regularly her voice to the Jakob-Brucker-Choir. „I have even two good reasons to be glad – on the one hand I took part in the concert, on the other hand I, as a humedica employee, am very glad for this donation, which shows much appreciation for humedica´s work. I am already looking forward to many more inspiring concerts with the Jakob-Brucker-Gymnasium.

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