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Preventing the spread of COVID 19

humedica part of a RKI/EMT/GOARN intervention in Kosovo


The Kaufbeuren aid organization humedica, ISAR Germany and the Johanniter Foreign Aid from Berlin sent out a joint „Emergency Medical Team“ (EMT) to the Kosovo under the leadership of the Robert Koch Institute. Together with experts of the University Medicine of the Charité, the University Hospital Hamburg Eppendorf and the Medical Services of the German Federal Armed Forces command, a 12-person medical team under RKI leadership will support and train the local personnel in the area of infection control as well as the treatment of COVID 19 patients. The National Focal Point for Emergency Medical Teams, located at the RKI, will coordinate the intervention.

Katharina und Julia vom humedica-EMT-Team vor dem National Institute of public health im Kosovo. Foto: humedica

Kosovo ranks as one of the European countries most affected by COVID 19. Surveys show that travelers returning from the Balkan country are most frequently infected by the virus. The team of doctors, nurses and paramedics will assist to reduce the spread COVID 19 in Kosovo and to support and strengthen the local health care.

Emergency Medical Teams (EMTs) are medical emergency teams certified by the World Health Organization (WHO), which can provide medical emergency care independent from national infrastructure.

„It is the first EMT intervention for humedica. We are glad that our longstanding intensive training now pays off and we can participate in this important operation“, says humedica general manager Heinke Rauscher.

„ Johanniter is looking forward to contribute to this joint team. Our three volunteers will bring in their expertise to help in the Kosovo like they have already done in the course of an intervention in Mozambique“, adds the head of the Johanniter disaster relief, Jörn Ostertun.

On Monday the joint Emergency Medical Team will travel from Berlin to the Kosovo and stay there for two weeks. The EMT is part of a broader RKI-lead German delegation of RKI specialists and experts of the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN) of the WHO.

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