Poverty, droughts, COVID 19: humedica helps 120,000 people in South Sudan


Poverty, droughts, floods and lacking water supply are poor preconditions for a pandemic. In South Sudan these are just a few of many problems the population has to tackle today. humedica therefore supports the people with a large-scale project.

Hygiene trainings are an important part of the humedica large-scale Corona project in South Sudan. Photo: humedica

„We go hungry since February“, reports Anila* from South Sudan after receiving food from one of our partners. „Especially women had a hard time recently.“ Even before Corona, about 1,7 million people had to leave their home due to the riots. Now many of them do not have any income at all.

Droughts and floods worsened the food supply situation further. Approximately six million people– half the population – suffer from food shortages. Hence, in South Sudan many people are vulnerable in the face of the pandemic, especially the weakest in society like women, children and elders.

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One focus of our local partner JAM is the food supply. In order to alleviate their biggest distress, especially vulnerable families will receive vouchers for food and hygiene articles.

Families, which are hit particularly hard by the challenging circumstances, receive seeds as well as fishing equipment to enable them to provide for themselves. At the same time, they get the chance to resell food. Thus, humedica wants to offer them the opportunity to set up their own small business. Trainings in especially set-up demo vegetable gardens teach the people how to grow fruits and vegetables in order to fend for themselves.

The worldwide COVID 19 pandemic poses a further threat to the population. Therefore, JAM sensitizes the inhabitants of the cities Jubo, Bor South, Twic and Aweil Centre for the necessary hygiene regulations.

People are provided with food and hygiene trainings as well as hand wash facilities. Photo: humedica

Thanks to the humedica´s support, the organization can set up hand wash facilities and distribute personal protection equipment such as face masks to the people.

In total, humedica will be able to assist more than 120,000 people with these aid measures. Thank you so much for rendering possible such relief efforts once and again by supporting us!

*Name changed

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