Philippines: Surviving quarantine unemployed and without any money

humedica supports workers with care packages

by Julia Kittnar,  2020/04/01

Being without a job – in the Philippines this often means being without any monetary means at all. At the moment this is particularly difficult for families depending on daily wages: due to the Corona pandemics the island state has quarantined the capital region, work opportunities have become extremely scarce. Together with its local partner PHILRADShumedica helps with rescue packages.

The packages contain food and hygiene articles, which are urgently needed by many: the capital region with approximately 13 million inhabitants is the most densely populated in the country. Like in Germany many people give in to panic buying.

The partner organization in the Philippines has filled packages with food and hygiene articles for 2,000 families in total. Photo: PHILRADS

Many workers in this region live from daily wages. As companies, hotels, industry and governmental organizations had to close down, they lack their daily income at the moment. Service sector employees as well as shop assistants, drivers and construction workers are affected by the quarantine. Often, they can not even afford the money to buy food for their families to last the next week.

humedica helps them quickly and efficiently. The Philippine partner PHILRADS has prepared aid packages for overall 2,000 families. Each family receives among other items 15 kilogram of rice as well as five cans of durable tinned meat and fish, cacao and soap – enough for at least two weeks.

At the moment, many people in the Philippines have lost their income due to the Corona quarantine. For them the food packages provided by humedica and PHILRADS are particularly important. Photo: PHILRADS

But not only the workers feel sharply the effects of the Corona virus. The medical professionals, too, have more than enough on their hands and need support: in order to avoid infection while doing their important work, they need gloves and protective googles. But like in so many other countries also here in the Philippines the stock of protective equipment is not sufficient for the many helpers.

humedica wants to assist them in their task. Therefore, the humedica partner PHILRADS has packed 500 medical care packages containing gloves, head and shoe protection as well as safety googles to distribute them on site.

We pray that as many people as possible survive the situation in good health and that medical as well as other workers will be able to return to everyday life soon.

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