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We refuse to get disheartened by Corona

by Julia Kittnar,  2020/03/25

If the crisis is right at your doorstep it is hard to think of all the many other disasters and people in need in the rest of the world. And yet it is all the more important not to leave these people alone right now. In particular in the medical sector reliable help is indispensable.

humedica continues to help also in times of Corona: unflinchingly, our intervention team members continue to improve basic medical care in many countries.

The challenges, the virus confronts humedica intervention team members with, are not new to them. „Every time, the participation in an intervention entails the danger of infection“, explains Rebekka, who has been providing medical health care to refugees on die Lesbos island for the last weeks. This threat does not hold her back.

Medical interventions always entail the danger of infection. All the same the intervention team members bravely fight on. Photo: Tessa Kraan/Bootsvluchteling

Also our headquarters in Kaufbeuren, Germany, refuse to get disheartened by the virus, especially head store manager Hermann Schäffler: „And if I knew that the world collapsed tomorrow, I would still go on to collect donations in kind and to support people in need“, he quotes Luther freely. He continues to hold the fort on site in the storehouses together with the logistic team, while his colleagues in their offices cope as best as possible with Skype meetings, telephone and in home-offices.

Project coordinator Tatjana, who has to work from home temporarily, attunes as best as possible to the new situation. „Last Monday in the Lebanon 100 people were officially infected with the Corona virus“, she explains. „As being tested depends on self-initiative, we have to assume a significantly higher number of infections”. With her team in the Lebanon she provides basic medical care for needy people and refugees. She refuses to abandon this mission: „We will continue to help the health care stations supported by us“, she says.

But at the moment it is quite difficult to procure the necessary medical goods. The prices for face masks, for example, have downright exploded. They have in parts risen 100-fold. But humedica, does not give up: only last week a face mask delivery could be sent to Albania. Among other social services, the project partner Swiss Foundation for Innovation on site also offers an ambulance service.

Prices for urgently needed intervention team protection equipment have downright exploded. Photo: Mattia Marzorati

All over the world not only face masks are lacking. Protective clothing as well as personal protection equipment, hospital products and drugs are in short supply, too. In some countries the consequences are even more serious: in many places even food and everyday consumables are urgently called for as people fearing to contract the virus withdraw from patients and public utility services are not available. Who has stocked up on food and hygiene articles in the last days to be well prepared in the event of illness or quarantine may understand how important this kind of supply can be.

Therefore, humedica supports its partners worldwide in procuring urgently needed aid supplies. For example, to enable the purchase of protection equipment and food in the Philippines, where the situation is particularly challenging and many people are severely affected by the lockdown.

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