More than 100,000 times Christmas joy for children in need

Second best result for „Present from the heart“:

by Sebastian Zausch,  2020/02/03

This time humedica´s Christmas parcel campaign „Present from the heart“ has achieved the second best result in its history. In total the Kaufbeuren aid organization could bring a very special Christmas joy to 100,716 children. The campaign was supported by several thousand parcel packers all over Bavaria, hundreds of volunteers, the longstanding campaign partner Sternstunden e. V. as well as the committed media partner Bayern 2.

"Presents from the heart" bring great joy. Photo: humedica

The majority of the parcels, 84,432 of them, were once again packed by people from Bavaria. Most of them went to needy children in the Ukraine, Serbia, Moldova, Romania, Albania and the Kosovo. They were distributed for example in orphanages, hospitals as well as kindergartens and schools to children, who grow up under difficult conditions and who receive ongoing support by humedica or its partners also for the rest of the year.

Some of the „Presents from the heart“ stayed in Bavaria. Food banks passed them on to children, who live in privation – here in Germany, too.

Outside from Europe the campaign brought joy to boys and girls in 10 countries: in Ethiopia, Benin, Brazil, Niger, Pakistan, the Philippines, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Togo and Indonesia, where - for the first time - partners of humedica packed in total 16,284 Christmas parcels on site. This approach, made possible by sponsors from all over Germany donating 20 Euro per parcel to humedica, does not only support the added value in the respective countries, it also saves transport costs.

Also in overseas countries children were glad to get "Presents from the heart", which had been prepared locally. In Indonesia for example they obtained backpacks filled with little surprises. Photo: humedica

„There are so many children in this world, who are forced to live under miserable conditions. Each year again it is a great joy to bring them happiness at Christmas time“, says „Present from the heart“ campaign manager Roswitha Bahner-Gutsche. „Only thanks to the committed parcel packers, but also to the many volunteers we were able to prepare the second highest number of parcels in the history of this initiative. Without their help we would not have been able to implement this campaign. I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all people involved.“

Last year approximately 88,000 parcels prepared for „Present from the heart“ brought Christmas joy. The best result ever had been achieved in 2014, when more than 110,000 children all over the world had been presented with such a special parcel.

Children, who get a "Present from the heart", come from needy families. Photo: humedica

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