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Lions Club Rheda-Ems donates for Beirut


The pictures of the devastating detonation, which shook the Lebanese capital Beirut on the 4th of August destroying its port as well as the neighbouring districts, went around the world. The explosion caused many fatalities, thousands of people, hit by splinters and debris, had to be treated and still need medical assistance. Help, which arrives reliably where it is needed most, is indispensable in such a situation.

Large parts of Beirut were destroyed by the explosion. Photo: humedica

That was the reason why the Lions Club Rheda-Ems had already decided in mid-August to help the people non-bureaucratically and quickly. The president of the Lions Club, Michael Rottkemper, and Jens Butschko passed on a 2,500 Euro donation to Klaus Ruhrmann, who was happy to accept the instant transfer as representative of the international aid organization humedica.

Ruhrmann, who comes from Rheda-Wiedenbrück himself and has already been engaged for a long time as medical intervention team member and coordinator for humedica, was glad about this spontaneous desire to help. "I know that the Lions Club Rheda-Ems usually supports preferably local organizations, therefore I am all the happier that it now engages internationally, too", says the registered specialist nurse for anesthesia and intensive care medicine, who has already helped on site in numerous crisis regions.

Medical help for Beirut: the representatives of the Lions Club Rheda-Ems, Jens Butschko (on the left) and Michael Rottkemper (on the right), handed over a donation to Klaus Ruhrmann from humedica (in the middle). Photo: Lions Club Rheda-Ems

"Our club has a certain financial contingent for such major emergencies, which can be made available on the short communication line. As we have already been in contact with Klaus Ruhrmann and humedica in the past, we are sure that the money will arrive, where it is needed most urgently", explains Michael Rottkemper.

Clinic bus as mobile ambulance

The donation will benefit the clinic bus, which is already in operation for humedica in Lebanon and allows basic medical examinations and outpatient treatment of patients. When the detonation took place, the bus was busy in a neighboring city of Beirut providing medical care for Syrian refugees. It was immediately moved back to the capital to support the hospitals on site.

The humedica clinic bus was moved to the Lebanese capital after the explosion. Photo: humedica

“Two coordinators now ensure on site together with Lebanese colleagues that medical help is provided especially for people, who would not be able to pay for treatments otherwise”, explains Ruhrmann the approach of the aid organization. "In the further course humedica will support the supply of people with sanitary products, from tooth brushes up to monthly commodities and face masks. At the moment, literally everything is lacking", tells Ruhrmann. He is worried that Corona and Covid-19 plays only a marginal role for the inhabitants of Beirut, because at the moment they have their hands full to organize the bare minimum to live. Ruhrmann: "I don´t even want to imagine what might happen if Beirut is hit by a heavy wave of infection. Yet already, the hospitals are hopelessly crowded”.

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