LANDPhysio praxis donates 1,500 Euro to humedica

The importance of quick help


During the Corona crisis the LANDPhysio praxis in Lauchdorf, Germany, received much support. The managing directors Judith and Andreas Bucher now wanted to provide support to others and donated 1,500 Euro to the Kaufbeuren humanitarian organization humedica.

Andreas Bucher (on the left) and Judith Bucher from the LANDPhysio praxis were glad to hand over the 1,500 Euro cheque the 31st of July to humedica employee Miriam Barta (on the right) – and to support aid for people in times of crisis. Photo: humedica

Helping people: for Judith and Andreas Bucher from the LANDPhysio praxis in Lauchdorf this is not only an important part of their everyday work, but also their philosophy of life. While helping others professionally, they experienced the COVID-19 crisis first-hand. Its consequences still endanger livelihoods all over Germany.

The LANDPhysio praxis was lucky: it was able to stay open. „Some of our members supported us so that our losses have not been so extreme in the training sector“, tells us Andreas Bucher. He is thankful for the support he received during the Corona crisis.

Now the general manager wants to help others. „Here in Germany, we are currently living through a crisis. We ourselves have experienced first-hand, what quick help can achieve“, Bucher explains his motivation. He decided to donate to 1,500 Euro to humedica, because the Kaufbeuren aid organization is well known for quick help in crisis and disaster situations.

humedica employee Miriam Barta is glad about the contribution: „In the event of a disaster we have to act quickly. Donations like this one by Judith and Andreas Bucher and the LANDPhysio praxis team enable us to plan ahead. We are then ready to help quickly on site in times of need.“

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