India: Fear of starvation – food for the poorest


While in Germany Corona infection numbers are in steady decline for quite some time, in India the situation stays critical. After the USA and Brazil, India is the third country worldwide most affected by the pandemic. For many inhabitants, poverty is the biggest problem: they are more afraid to starve than to get infected by the virus.

Due to the curfew imposed to protect the population from the COVID 19 virus the 24th of March, many people already living under the poverty threshold got in great distress: Overnight many day laborers and migrant workers, who account for nearly 50 per cent of the population, became job- and homeless.

Like in the Kolar Gold Fields region, which includes several slums and border areas. Desperate, some workers decided to return home – regardless, whether this home is 90 or 800 kilometers away. But there, too, hope failed. How were they – being the main breadwinner – supposed to care for their families without any job prospects and under quarantine conditions? They lacked even the most basic items like food and hygiene articles as well as clean drinking water.

humedica India helped them with hygiene kits and food parcels. In total 20,000 people were provided with rice, dahl, oil, salt as well as other articles. Since the 21st of June humedica also gives out three canisters of urgently needed drinking water to the people.

At the same time humedica India took on another equally essential and challenging task: To raise awareness for the importance of social distancing in a highly collective culture, which customarily does not encourage holding individual distances. It was all the more important that helpers informed about hygiene and safety regulations to decrease the spreading of the virus while distributing food and hygiene articles to the people.

humedica also helps to fight the Corona virus: The Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) received among other items personal protective clothing such as gloves and protective covers for the medical personnel of the hospital. It was also equipped with thermometers, disinfection agents and face masks. EHA employee Shem was especially glad about the new respiration device: „This equipment is indispensable to treat also critically ill Covid patients.“

Thank you very much that you support Shem and many others! Only together we can fight this pandemic, which still threatens people´s lives in many parts of the world in manifold ways.

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