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humedica sends out second team to Beirut

After the explosions in Lebanon


The Kaufbeuren aid organization humedica sent out a second intervention team to Beirut. It will complement the first team, which had travelled to the largely destroyed city directly after the devastating detonations on Tuesday. Its main task will be to find out which kind of support is needed most after the emergency treatment of injuries.

The detonations on the premises of the Beirut port on Tuesday caused the death of more than 130 people. More than 5,000 were injured. Big parts of the city are destroyed, thousands of inhabitants have lost their homes.

The humedica mobile clinic bus and our Lebanese team in Beirut. Photo: humedica

„The situation in Beirut is disastrous“, reports humedica coordinator Tatjana Bojarski. In the harbour area no stone is left standing. „Houses are destroyed, glass fragments are everywhere. Sometimes the complete wall of a house is gone. Time and again rescues teams find survivors in the midst of the ruins.“

„The detonation also destroyed medical institutions. People need food and other items to reorganize their daily lives,“ says humedica chairman Johannes Peter. „Our team is there to sound out, what – besides medical emergency aid – we can do to help also in the longterm.“

The two-person coordinator team from Bayreuth and the Freiburg area in Germany plans to fly out to Beirut by the beginning of next week. It will stay on site for four weeks.

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