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humedica restores Ethiopian clinic to working order

New humanitarian project at the Horn of Africa


The humanitarian organization humedica from Kaufbeuren, Germany, restores a hospital in Ethiopia to full working order. Recently, the clinic in the border region to Somalia has lost important support. Since then it is barely able to ensure the health care of the people, who live in this region. Money, qualified personnel as well as urgently needed equipment is lacking.

„The clinic in the district town Dollo is the only hospital people can reach within a day´s walking distance. Unfortunately, it is only operable to some extent“, says humedica chairman Johannes Peter. „Therefore, even a seemingly harmless illness like an appendicitis can quickly become fatal. We want to change this.“

If babies in the Dollo Ado region near the Ethiopian-Somali border need medical help, the hospital in Dollo is the only point of contact far and wide. Photo: humedica

humedica plans to make the clinic fit for long-term use. Providing emergency care will ensure that the clinic becomes first point of contact for medical treatment among the local population.

„Most births take place at home without any medical attendance. If there are complications, it is highly probable that mother or child will die. The clinic will help to change this situation and to save lives“, Johannes Peter continues. „We would also like to employ a female psychologist. Many people, who live in this border region, have fled from the violence and terror in the neighbouring country Somalia. Sadly, sexual violence against women is not infrequent. Women and their children will get a chance to process their experiences at the hospital.“

For many years now humedica is engaged in this region. In the big refugee camps Melkadida and Kobe, the Kaufbeuren aid organization is first point of contact for basic health care for the ten thousands of people, who are stranded there. „If patients need more advanced treatment that we are able to provide on site in the refugee camps, we transfer them to the clinic in Dollo“, explains Peter. „Therefore, it is obviously important for the patients that we try to get it running again.”

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