humedica provides 1 million Euro for Corona aid

One of the biggest relief campaigns in the history of the organization


The international humanitarian organization humedica from Kaufbeuren in Germany provides one million Euro for Corona aid projects worldwide. The relief measures implemented all over the world constitute one of the biggest humanitarian campaigns in the 40 years of humedica history.

„Especially the poorest of the poor suffer from the worldwide lockdown: particularly hard hit are day laborers, who find no more work, can no longer provide for their families and have to go hungry,“ says humedica board member Johannes Peter. „It is our very special concern to help them not only now in these times, but also in the long term to overcome the consequences of the Corona crisis. As our work depends on dedicated donations, we need the support of everyone to reach this aim.”

Like here in India humedica provides people worldwide with food and hygiene products in order to ease the consequences of the Corona caused lockdowns. Photo: humedica

In many countries of the world lockdowns have caused precarious situations for many people: without social securities they are left with nothing, in some places they have more fear to starve than to get contaminated by Corona. humedica takes action together with its partners and distributes in countries such as Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan or the Philippines food and hygiene packages to ensure the survival of the affected people. Sewing face masks for needy people like in Brazil does not only bring in the necessary protection, it also provides an important income for women in times of the crisis. In the meanwhile, humedica continues to provide medical care for the people in the huge Ethiopian refugee camps near the Somali border. In cooperation with the Ethiopian government humedica also equips medical personnel with vital protective clothing.

„The Corona crisis imposes very special challenges,“ explains Johannes Peter. „Worldwide, our help is needed in many places at the same time. We are very grateful to our sister organizations and longstanding partners all over the world, who cooperate with us in order to ensure that our help actually reaches the people, who need it most. “

Here you will find an updated report on our worldwide Corona relief projects.

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