Humedica headlines January 2020

by Anna Grabner-Strobach,  2020/01/29

+++Sweeter the bells never sound …+++Business with heart +++Sparkasse - just great +++Christmas parcels and much more …+++RAICOS kind Christmas donation +++Mulled wine tipsiness for humedica+++Present budget for humedica+++

Sweeter the bells never sound…

Once again, the Christmas concert in Wiedergeltingen was a great success. Photo: Chorgemeinschaft Wiedergeltingen

The choral society in Wiedergeltingen, Germany, had invited to a very special concert: a contemplative Christmas event in the parish church St. Nikolaus. Christmas chorals, contemplative texts and music presented by the Kinderchor Sternschnuppen (Children Choir Falling Stars), the Jugendchor Sonnenstrahlen (Youth Choir Sunrays) and the church choirs of Weicht-Weinhausen and Wiedergeltingen brought joy to the concert audience.

The choirs did not only sing to honour the Christ Child, but also for a good cause. To support the event and to raise further donations the local veteran´s association provided Christmas atmosphere with a Punsch and mulled wine boot. The total revenue of 2,300 Euro was passed on to humedica. Thank you so much for both the great event and a wonderful Christmas present for people in need.

Business with heart

The Wirtschaftsjunioren engage for a joint and peaceful coexistence. Photo: humedica

For more than 50 years the Wirtschaftsjunioren (Business Juniors) engage for joint values and interdisciplinary collaboration. Standing for responsibility, they engage for both regional topics and business issues as well as social aspects. This year their Christmas donation benefitted humedica. Many heartfelt thanks!

Sparkasse - just great

The Kreis – und Stadtsparkasse Kaufbeuren is linked to humedica by long-standing ties of close friendship. Often we can rely on the support of the Sparkasse. Alsp on the occasion of the Candle-Light-Shopping in November the Sparkasse has called attention to humedica‘s projects. Among many other monetary and in-kind donations we were very glad to receive a donation of 125 computer screens in December 2019. We would like to thank the Kreis- und Stadtsparkasse Kaufbeuren for the trust it places in our work. We are already looking forward to many more years of collaboration to come.

Christmas parcels and much more …

Photo: Friedrich Nagel, general manager, Heinke Rauscher, general manager humedica, Margot Schöner, assistant to the management, Christine Machacek, general manager

The SÄBU Holzbau GmbH did not only surprise humedica with 20 lovingly packed parcels for the „Present from the heart“ campaign, it also brought a donation cheque to the Kaufbeuren headquarters in Germany.

humedica general manager Heinke Rauscher insisted on showing around the Biessenhofen guests in our Christmas workshop. Afterwards, the very generous donation cheque of 3,000 Euro was handed over. We would like to thank from our heart for so much engagement and interest in the work of humedica.

RAICOS kind Christmas donation

Many thanks to the general managers Manfred Hebel and Dr. Stefan Lackner for the generous donation. Photo: RAICO

The innovative company RAICO Bautechnik handed over a generous 3,000 Euro donation to humedica. The creative and innovative company does not only set standards with impressing architectural works, its Christmas donation also sets a humanitarian sign for people in need. Many thanks to RAICO!

Mulled wine tipsiness for humedica

The “Mulled Wine Donation Campaign” raised 3,100 Euro. Photo: Uta Mantwill

Our thanks go to the whole team of the garden center GILG, whose „Mulled wine for donations“ initiative turned into a great campaign. Garden center visitors could order mulled wine for a donation, which benefitted humedica. Thank you very much for this nice idea and the insight that a donation for mulled wine can not only bring tipsiness, but also happiness.

Present budget for humedica

Photo: On the premises of the Baustoffhandel Landsberg Carsten Rieth handed over the symbolic donation to Barbara Berke from the Landsberger Tafel e.V. (on the left) and Heinke Rauscher, humedica e.V. Kaufbeuren.

The Baustoffhandel Landsberg Rieth company, too, is a longstanding supporter of humedica. This year the company has once again donated 2,000 Euro. „With our budget for presents we support also this year people, whose outstanding commitment helps to alleviate suffering and pain all over the world, but also here in our region“, told us Carsten Rieth, general manager of the Baustoffhandel Landsberg H. Rieth GmbH.

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