humedica headlines February 2020

by Anna Grabner-Strobach,  2020/02/11

Saving lives with bottle deposit+++Pupils+music=joy+++Kärcher shines with cleanness +++Music for Menschen in need+++Glass folding wall for humedica+++Donation in kind for clean hands+++From school project to donation cheque+++New look for our “humedicar”

Saving lives with bottle deposits

humedica employee Cecilia Homilius is glad about the generous donation cheque.
From the left to the right: Franz Strowasser (deputy head of V-Markt Neugablonz), Cecilia Homilius (humedica), Markus Hildebrand (head of V-Markt Neugablonz).

For many years now we can count on the support of the V-Markt Neugablonz. Besides donation boxes, donations in kind and other campaigns the V-Markt has created another successful donation platform for its customers by introducing the donation of empties. For the fifth year now, clients can put their deposit vouchers in a special humedica donation box instead of redeeming them at the cash till. Once a year the vouchers are counted and the revenue is transferred to humedica.

In 2019 3,356 Euro of empties vouchers were collected – an amount, which could even surpass the result in 2018. „We thank all our customers for the generous donation. We are very glad to be able to support the projects of humedica and are planning to continue our empties campaign also in 2020.“ With these words V-Markt head Markus Hildebrand and his deputy Franz Stowasser presented the generous donation cheque to humedica employee Cecilia Homilius. humedica is thankful for the longstanding friendship and support of the V-Markt Neugablonz. We would like to thank also all clients who take part in this great campaign and support people in need. Thank you very much!”

Pupils + music = joy

Each year in December the pupils of the Hildegardis Gymnasium invite to their Christmas concert in the Kempten St. Mang church. Here the school choirs, the orchestra and the big band show their skills. Like in the years before this year again they played for the benefit of the emergency disaster aid of humedica. humedica employee Cecilia Homilius was glad to accept the 2,350 Euro. Our thanks go to the pupils and teachers of the Hildegardis Gymnasium in Kempten, who support humedica since many years.

Kärcher shines with cleanness

humedica head of logistics Hermann Schäffler and his deputy Manuel Heinemann are glad about the sponsored cleaning device. Photo: humedica

All humedica logisticians were glad to receive a very special Kärcher cleaning device. „In the storehouse cleanness is very important as our sponsors trust us with their goods and donations. It is our policy to handle all donations very carefully and responsibly,“ reports humedica logistician Manuel Heinemann.
The work of the logistics team enables humedica to react and help quickly as well as straightforward. We would like to thank the Kärcher company very much, whose donation makes the hard work of our team a bit easier. Thank you so much!

Music for people in need

The Kreisblasorchester Ostallgäu association supports the work of humedica with its donation. Photo:humedica

“Together for the good cause”. This was the slogan of two Ostallgäuer Kreisblasorchester charity concerts in Kaufbeuren and Marktoberdorf. Together with the Kaufbeueren Martinsfinken they played for the benefit of people in need. „We have cooperated to support togetherness“, the board members Klaus Reggel and Andreas Strobel were glad to report.

They donated to both humedica and the Spezialisierte Ambulante Palliativversorgung (SAPV) Kaufbeuren Ostallgäu (organization for specialized outpatient palliative care). They also collected donations within the association itself. humedica employee Mirjam Barta was glad to accept the generous 1,000 Euro cheque, which was handed over in person by the first board member of the Kreisblasorchester Klaus Reggel. „It is important to us to support the projects of humedica with our music,“ said Reggel.

Our thanks go to the Kreisblasorchester Ostallgäu association for so much engagement. “Together for others”. Thank You!

Glass folding wall for humedica

The colleagues of our international projects department are very glad about the donation. Photo: humedica

The Linara GmbH, an expert for windows, conservatories and front doors in Kaufbeuren, supported humedica once more. It donated a glass folding wall made also of wood, which before had been presented in their showrooms. The department for international projects is very grateful for this attractive and functional new feature. It does not only provide calm thanks to a sound isolation, but also much light and transparency by its big glass panels. Thank you to the Linara GmbH and especially to the two technicians, who delivered and installed the functional present. Thank you very much!

Donation in kind for clean hands

In November already the Johannes Kiehl KG company had handed over a generous donation cheque to the general managing board member of humedica Heinke Rauscher. Now the Kaufbeuren headquarters received a donation in kind worth 5,000 Euro. We are very glad about this huge donation of disinfectant agents. They are already distributed and will benefit in equal measures projects in Albania, Egypt, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine and Uganda. In particular medical goods are a luxury in many countries of the world. We are all the more happy to count on the support of the Johannes Kiehl KG company. Thank you so much!

From school project to donation cheque

humedica employee Nina Göldner happily accepts the cheque.

For the second time already the pupils of the Illertal Gymnasium in Vöhringen have decided to engage for humedica in the course of their practical seminar. It was initiated to encourage the pupils to trade economically by investing, trading and selling for a period of one and a half years. Accompanied by Caterina Maria Grazia Cortese, the pupils were glad to hand over the 3,201 Euro and 14 Cents donation cheque for the humanitarian projects of humedica in the cultural center of Vöhringen. humedica employee Nina Göldner praised the commitment of the pupils - even outside the classroom. In humedica intervention trainings, too, we can always count on their support. Thank you for so much engagement!

New look for our “humedicar”

Since the middle of January, humedica is happy about a new family member with four wheels. As the former humedica bus now stays to support the humanitarian intervention on site in Albania, now a new car was needed to stay mobile. The Autohaus Dokic GmbH & Co. KG not only offered a discount, thanks to them also the formerly grey NISSAN NV300 now shines in the newly branded humedica red.
Our thanks go to Autohaus Dokic for their help and their longstanding partnership.

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