Humanitarian aid: What is this and how does it work?

by Julia Kittnar,  2020/08/19

What is humanitarian aid?

Time and again, people fall on ill times without any fault of their own. Natural disasters, crises or conflicts can cause hardships they can not overcome on their own. In such emergencies, organizations like humedica provide humanitarian aid. Its most important aim is to save human lives and to enable people to live in dignity.

What does humanitarian aid include?

If people find themselves in such an acute emergency that they need humanitarian support, they often require many things at the same time. Injured persons must be treated, buried ones must be rescued and people, who have become homeless, must be provided with shelter. They also need enough food and drinking water, clean water for bodily hygiene is also essential especially in emergency situations. Humanitarian aid covers these basic needs in times of emergency.

How does humanitarian aid work?

Humanitarian aid can only succeed if many people work in unison. To learn how it works, please see this video:

What are humanitarian principles?

Humanitarian principles are based on the rules of public international law. These are the four principles:

  • Humanity

Human suffering has to be reduced wherever possible. Life and health of people as well as their human rights must be protected. Those, who are most vulnerable, are given specific attention.

  • Impartiality

Aid is provided exclusively according to need. Age, gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity as well as political orientation are irrelevant.

  • Neutrality

In a conflict situation no party is favoured. No side is taken in political, ethnic, religious or ideological disputes.

  • Independence

Humanitarian aid does not pursue either political, military, economic or other objectives. Its sole aim is to save lives and reduce suffering.

For more information about how humedica helps please see here.

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