Huhtamaki donates disinfectants to humedica

by Julia Kittnar,  2020/05/12

To know that your child is well cared for when you have to go to work – the Corona pandemic highlights how important that is. Also the kindergarten „Arche“ operated by humedica contributes to ensure a reliable service. But disinfectants had run low. The Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging company took care of this problem by donating 20 litres.

The „Arche“ stays open during the Corona crisis to assist parents working in so-called system-relevant professions by taking care of their children. In order to protect these children from COVID-19 the nursery teachers need, among other items, disinfectants.

In the humedica headquarters disinfectants are needed as well for the personnel: in particular the storehouse was manned continuously in the last weeks, while office employees could often work from home. But not all tasks can be completed in a home-office, so some employees continue to work on site in the headquarters under strict conditions. Besides complying with safety requirements like distancing, wearing a face mask and further measures, they also have to use regularly disinfectants. In the current situation these agents have become scarce as well as expensive.

humedica manages donations very carefully, also donations in kind are a very important contribution to our humanitarian aid. That is why logistician Manuel was all the more pleased, when the 20 litres of disinfectants donated by the Huhtamaki company arrived in the humedica storehouse in Neugablonz. Headquarter employees as well as teachers at the „Arche“ can now continue to work confidently. We say “Thank you”!

Logistician Manuel is glad about the donation from the Huhtamaki company. Photo: Grabner-Strobach/humedica

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