Heavy rains in and around Rio

humedica Brazil engaged in disaster operation

by Anna Grabner-Strobach,  2020/03/31

Recently, unusually heavy rainfall has caused floods and landslides in Rio de Janeiro and five other cities in its surroundings. According to the Brazilian Civil Defense more than 5,000 people have been affected. Many inhabitants had to leave their homes and some regions are still cut off from the outside world.

The humedica Brazil team was working non-stop for days. Photo: humedica Brazil

The humedica Brazil colleagues have been working virtually non-stop since the beginning of the rainfall. They were in several villages, which have been hit particularly hard by the rains. The Brazilian humedica team visited the Jardim Maravilha community in Guaratiba, the Barata community in Realengo and in Seropédica, localities which even days after the rainfall were hardly accessible at all.

Under these difficult conditions the team tried to get a comprehensive picture of the situation and to make sure that the people in the flooded regions are coping. Luckily, many people are unhurt, but there is an enormous lack of basic items such as cleaning agents, food and matrasses. Clothes are needed urgently, too. Local partners were able to collect donations for clothing and personal items. The team also brings school supplies for the children as these, too, have been lost in the floods like so many other things.

Many children do not have school materials, humedica Brazil therefore distributes satchels, but also toys. Photo: humedica Brazil

In many places the infrastructure had been totally destroyed. Some regions could no longer be reached by land. The water stood so high that the team could only get to the villages by using a fishing boat. „Even so we can do no more than a fraction of what is actually needed, we believe that the proximity to the victims and our capacity to implement the important work of humedica is a significant approach to bring confidence and charity to the people. We are grateful and happy to be able to help“, our humedica colleague Felipe writes.

humedica employee Felipe provides people with aid supplies. Photo: humedica Brazil

In total the humedica team has provided for 150 affected families in the districts JD Maravilha, Realengo in the city of Rio de Janeiro and Jardins in the city of Seropedica, who had lost all their belongings due to the severe rains. Now humedica Brazil organizes the material to continue the distributions as fast as possible.

Thanks to humedica Brazil for its unrelenting commitment for people in need.

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