Heavy rainfall: humedica Kosovo helps with food

by Julia Kittnar,  2020/05/28

In the Kosovan village Krushe e Vogel it has been raining heavily for the last days. The village, supported by humedica since 1999, was downright flooded. Houses and basements were under water, vital food was destroyed. humedica Kosovo now supports especially vulnerable families with food and hygiene articles.

Due to the Corona pandemic several families had depended on economic support even before the rains. Then already, humedica Kosovo had distributed food such as noodles, potatoes and onions to 13 households. Then the floods brought on the next hard stroke of fate for some of the families in the village: their houses and basements were flooded, food was destroyed, also flour. „Flour is very important for many Kosovans. They need it to bake bread for their daily meals“, explains humedica employee Damien Marion.

The rains swamped basements and even houses. Photo: humedica

We want to support the people in Krushe e Vogel in this situation, too. humedica Kosovo therefore provides food and hygiene articles for in total seven more families. The families receive among other items noodles, sugar, rice, oil, meat and soup to live through the hardest times. In order to help everybody, who needs assistance at the moment, our coordinator on site is currently checking whether there are still more people heavily affected by the rainfall. Thank you very much for your help, which enables our relief aid.

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