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German aid for Namibia

Humanitarian organizations support the fight against COVID-19


The German humanitarian organizations I.S.A.R. Germany, humedica and CADUS send out a medical team to Namibia on Saturday, the 17th of October 2020. As part of a COVID-19 support mission of the Robert Koch Institute the medical experts will assist the health authorities of the South West African country to contain the spread of COVID-19. The so-called Emergency Medical Team (EMT) consists of 14 members such as physicians, nurses, a breath therapist and logisticians.

„In the last months we could gain much practical experience in the course of interventions in Armenia and Kosovo. We can now bring it to the operation in Namibia“, says I.S.A.R. president Dr. jur. Daniela Lesmeister. In Armenia and in Kosovo the German teams had for example supported the local medical personnel with trainings to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Similar activities are planned also in Namibia. To get a comprehensive impression, the team will split up and work for two weeks at different locations in the country.

„In the last months Namibia has built up many intensive care capacities“, reports humedica general manager Johannes Peter. „However, in many areas the necessary knowledge on intensive care and infectiology with regard to the COVID-19 pandemics is still lacking. As a first step, the team will therefore analyze the situation on site in order to propose appropriate measures and strategies.”

The CADUS co-chair Dr. Corinna Schäfer explains: „During the first pandemic wave we had the chance to learn much about the virus and how to deal with it. Now, we would like to pass on this knowledge to our Namibian colleagues.“

The intervention of the German EMT in Namibia is supported logistically and financially by a Twinning Project of the Namibian Ministry of Health and Social Services and the Robert Koch Institute. The Twinning Project started by the beginning of 2020 and is funded by the German Health Ministry (BMG) in the course of the Global Health Protection Programme (GHPP). Its long-term goal is to establish a Namibia Public Health Institute to strengthen the Namibian health care system in order to be better prepared for pandemics and epidemics like COVID-19.

Emergency Medical Teams (EMTs) are medical emergency teams certified by the World Health Organization (WHO), who can provide medical emergency aid worldwide in times of health crises.

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