Floods in Tana River Delta

humedica helps in Kenya

by Anna Grabner-Strobach,  2020/06/08

Usually aridity and draught are the predominant natural forces, which reign the East-African Tana River Delta region. Even so the annual amount of rain declines extremely, high water and flood disasters increase. Sudden rainfall causes these natural phenomena. Persistent periods of great heat harden the soil so that it is not able to absorb the water, when it rains heavily. On the contrary: the water is washed away before it has a chance to infiltrate the ground.

According to the humedica partner World Concern neighbouring countries like Somalia, South Sudan, Kenya and Ethiopia were hit especially hard last year. The floods affected more than 2.5 million people. Hundreds of thousands were forced to leave their homes and to flee to higher areas. In the region surrounding the Tana River, too, the hardship was tremendous. In November 2019 humedica sent out a medical intervention team to Kenya to help the people on site and to provide medical aid.

More than half a year after the severe floods the effects are still noticeable. humedica and its partner World Concern do not leave the people to themselves. Photo: World Concern

Once and again, heavy rainfall causes torrents and leaves trails of devastation behind. Then, villages are cut off from supply, whole regions are ravaged and infrastructure is destroyed. The effects of last year´s disastrous floods are still noticeable. Also at the beginning of this year inundations took place. The Kenyan government estimates that more than 144,000 people in 25 districts of the country are suffering from floods and torrents. Drinking water is polluted and the number of infections is rising.

In cooperation with the partner World Concern and the Kenyan Health Ministry humedica undertook to bring medical help to regions difficult to access. Hundreds of children were wormed and provided with nutritional supplements as well as vitamins. Most of the patients had to be treated for malaria, diarrhoea as well as respiratory and skin diseases. For three months medical teams were travelling the Tana River Delta county to offer 6,000 people in six villages access to health care.

Especially the rapid increase of malaria and diarrhoea diseases is a cause for concern. Photo: World Concern

Due to the recurring floods the number of malaria infections has increased alarmingly. Many women and children are among the patients. In cooperation with the Health Ministry the humedica partner World Concern will provide households with distribute mosquito nets to curb the incidence of malaria in den villages and refugee camps.

Many households lack even the most basic items for everyday life. Therefore, also necessary household effects as well as cans and chlorine tablets for water purification are distributed to affected families.

Join in to help, together we are able to alleviate the most severe suffering in the Tana River Delta.

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