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Flooding in Pakistan

humedica provides medicaments, food and sanitary products


Crops are destroyed, houses flooded – whole regions are under water after the heavy rains in Pakistan. Big cities like Karachi or Hyderabad, but in particular also rural areas are affected. The media reports more than 90 fatalities. The mostly extremely poor population suffers especially from the consequences of the rainfall, which lasted for weeks. And still continues … The Kaufbeuren aid organization humedica supports people with food and emergency packages. The local partner organizes emergency treatment for the victims, too.

In the flooded areas in Pakistan, sometimes people have to walk through waist-high water. Photo: PMS

„Every year there are monsoon rains in South Asia. But this year, they are uncommonly heavy,“ says humedica board member Heinke Rauscher. „At the moment the rain is moving South. There, people are not prepared for such massive amounts of water. The water will remain for a long time. Sommer crops are destroyed, livestock has died. Several dams have already broken, others are in danger to burst. We are afraid that diseases might break out. In order to help the people, we are in urgent need of donations.“

Since many years, „Pak Mission Society“ (PMS) is a strong partner of humedica on site in the country. It was therefore able to start relief measures immediately and to provide victims with medical treatment. Furthermore, we support people not only with urgently needed food, but also with sanitary products like soap or water purifications tablets.

The floods did not only destroy harvests, they also killed many farm animals. A disaster for the people. Photo: PMS

Pakistan is one of the countries, which are most affected by climatic changes. Some regions suffer regularly from draughts, others from floods. Often, people are completely defenseless against these forces of nature. „In particular in rural regions there are many landless people, who work the fields for landowners. They hinge on them – if crops fail, they have no income. For many years now, humedica engages together with PMS to ameliorate the living conditions for people there. In times like these they are especially dependent on our help,“ reports humedica board member Heinke Rauscher.

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