Flood in Indonesia

humedica team intervention in the midst of ruins and mud

by Sebastian Zausch,  2020/01/10

On New Year´s Day the worst rains in 150 years inundated the surroundings of the Indonesian capital Jakarta and flooded wide parts of the region. The water rose up to three meters high, cars and even buses were washed away as if they were toys. Many houses were totally destroyed. Who was lucky enough to survive was glad about all he was carrying on his body when the wave hit. Such are the reports which reach us from Indonesia.

"The scale of destruction recalls the tsunami one year ago!"

humedica reacted immediately. An intervention team set off to Indonesia only a short time after the disaster to support our local partner Alpha Omega Foundation in looking after the people. In the following video our team shares personal impressions of its arrival in the disaster area.

The level of destruction is high. Earth slides and mudflows now sweep away what the water has left behind. "We were on an island in the river Ciberang. Water masses had flooded both entrance bridges. We crossed the torrential river in a rubber dinghy fastened by a steel cable in order to reach the people and to bring them the relief goods", reports our team.

Hundreds of thousands are affected by the floods. Many of them can not return to their homes and look for shelter in provisory emergency accommodations. It is uncertain whether their homes will be habitable again. The floods have washed away everything from cooking pots to school bags. Most of all, medical care, food, drinking water, hygiene articles and everyday commodities are lacking.

People live in provisory self-constructed huts. Photo: Daniel Reiter, humedica

"It breaks my heart, when I see that people, who previously owned next to nothing, now have even lost what little they had."

But in the midst of widespread misery we also have good news. Helpful neighbors rescued a paralyzed man from the floods. Within seconds the water intruded the house. See the following video to learn how the man was saved.

In spite of the disaster the solidarity among the people is unabated. As a community they try to master the disastrous situation together. Many of them are simply happy to have escaped with their lives. While the humedica team was still distributing hygiene articles and food, the weather stations already forecasted further rainfall.

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