Flood in Brazil

humedica supports subsidiary organization in Brazil

by Anna Grabner-Strobach,  2020/01/23

Severe rainfall has caused floods and landslides in the federal state of Espirito Santo in the South-East of Brazil. In 24 hours it rained as much as it usually rains in the whole January. In total more than 1,500 people living in the region had to leave their homes. Till date, six people died. Three of them were washed away by a mudslide in the rural community of Alfredo Chaves, the other three lost their lives in the city Ikonha.

Our subsidiary organization humedica Brazil is already at work for several days now. Two employees, Felipe and Diogo, are under way in the affected area to distribute food, disposable tableware and water. But the needs are far bigger. In particular cleaning agents and hygiene kits are needed to protect the people from the worst.

In Brazil, the colleagues Felipe and Diogo have been working tirelessly for days. Photo: humedica Brazil

The city Ikonha has been hit the hardest. The government is overloaded. Till date the support has only been scarce. Parts of the city are obstructed, heavy duty machinery is needed to provide access. Till date it was not possible to retrieve the three deceased people. Local intervention forces are lacking. It is nearly impossible to fight the catastrophe with only two policemen and no fire brigade.

The situation is also dramatic in the rural area. Houses and infrastructure are destroyed. Ruins block streets, cars have been swept away. The biggest challenge is to reach the people in the rural regions to provide medical care. When humedica Brazil tried to reach such an area, it had to learn the hard way that the humedica car is not suitable for such an undertaking. After a burst tyre and much work to pull the car out of the mud, now new coordination measures must be found. Special intervention vehicles are needed, which are able to move on also through mud and water.

Floods and landslides have left a trail of devastation. Photo: humedica Brazil

Collaboration between government and organizations can help to close this supply gap. Even the mayor of the city of Monica has asked humedica Brazil for help. The voluntary helpers are lacking in particular protection equipment such as gloves, protection masks, glasses as well as tools. The risk of injuries is particularly high due to the debris, to protruding sharp items and broken glass.

In the Kaufbeuren headquarters, too, we agree that we have to provide the partner in Brazil as fast as possible with First Aid as well as hygiene kits to enable humedica Brazil to help the victims. Please do join in! Thank you so much for your support!

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