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Fischen resident collects donations for her centenary birthday

2,000 Euro for humedica


Hannelore Schwegler is radiant when handing over the big 2,000 Euro cheque to humedica employee Carina Freudig. For her milestone birthday, Ms. Schwegler had asked for donations instead of presents.

„I will not reveal how old I am“, she says with a wink. But if you are so full of energy, age is obviously no more than a number. „My family and friends, the gym ladies, the tennis girls and the golf friends – all of them have contributed!“ the active lady is glad to report.

Hannelore Schwegler and humedica employee Carina Freudig. Photo: Patricia Fischer-Schwegler

From the very beginning, Ms Schwegler knew where the donation would go to: to the Kaufbeuren aid organization humedica, which she has been supporting since many years. „I like to know how my money is used“, explains the jubilee. „Furthermore, I want to support vulnerable people. Thanks to humedica it is possible to combine both goals.“

humedica employee Carina Freudig appreciates her support: „We are very glad about a donation like that of Ms. Schwegler, because it demonstrates that together we are strong, together we can make a difference.”

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