Fighting Corona in Sri Lanka

Health education and support packages

by Julia Kittnar

Unsettled, ill, isolated: a feeling well known at the moment not only in Germany, but also in Sri Lanka, where the Corona virus panic is growing. Hard times, especially for sick persons, suspected cases as well as the personnel, which takes care of them.

„Family members are afraid to get infected“, explains Dr. Prithiviraj, head of the humedica sister organization humedica Lanka. „This has led to a situation, in which these persons lack basic and practical support as well as elementary supplies like food or hygiene articles.”

Supported by the hospital director Hasitha Attanayake and Mr.Anura, the head of administrative personnel, Mr. Janaka, the project coordinator for the Sinhala region, has organized food and hygiene packages. Photo: humedica Lanka

On Monday, humedica Lanka has already distributed the first packages in a hospital in order to support affected patients in this challenging situation. Last Sunday the team had met the director of the „National Infectious Diseases Hospital (IDH)“ in Angoda, Colombo, to discuss which items are needed most urgently in the short-term. „We have prepared two sorts of packages for the affected persons: one package containing food to be distributed every two weeks, as well as a hygiene package to be given out only once“, reports Prithiviraj.

Among other things, the food packages contain several liters of drinking water, on average two and a half kilo of crackers as well as a bit more than two kilo of milk powder, sugar, coriander, ginger and coffee. The hygiene packs provide the patents with toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap, disposable cups and spoons, sanitary pads, underwear, bottles and other everyday hygiene articles.

Only united we can face the challenges posed by COVID-19. „We would like to be part of the solution to this critical situation and contribute to the valuable help provided by the hospital.“, says Prithiviraj. The project, which is also supported by humedica e.V., is therefore named „Yes – We Can“.

In the mobile clinics of humedica Lanka the team trains its patients and their families and explains how to reduce the spreading of the virus. Photo: humedica Lanka

To fight the virus together: this only works if everyone knows what to do. By the beginning of February, the team had already warned against the virus in social media communication channels providing instructions how to wash hands correctly and how to avoid spreading a Corona infection. humedica Lanka sees medical and hygienic education as a very important task. In the mobile clinics of humedica Lanka the team trains its patients and their families and explains how to reduce the spreading of the virus and how to protect oneself as best as possible.

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