Every ten minutes a child dies from preventable diseases in Yemen

humedica and ADRA Yemen fight hunger

by Anna Grabner-Strobach,  2020/04/27

The civil war between the Huthi forces and the internationally acknowledged government, now in its fifth year, has caused a severe humanitarian crisis in Yemen. More than 80% of the in total 30 million inhabitants are in desperate need of help. The people in Yemen are suffering. The United Nations speak of one of the worst humanitarian disasters in caused by hand made in recent years.

The already poor country in the South of the Arabian Peninsula is more vulnerable than ever. The ongoing conflict has destroyed nearly all infrastructure. Ports and other important traffic points are closed. Basic supply, security and a functioning health care system are non-existent. There is no clean water. According to UNICEF every ten minutes a child dies of an avoidable disease.

Almost every child is threatened by starvation. Picture: ADRA Jemen.

In particular Cholera and other epidemic diseases bring the country to its knees. By the end of 2019 the health ministry reported 766,265 cases suspicious of Cholera. It associates 995 fatalities with this disease. But hunger is the worst. Many women and children are suffering from malnourishment. The United Nations numbers state that 7.3 million people depend on nutrition services. Without them they are threatened by starvation.

Even before the outbreak of the conflict people depended on foreign imports. Ongoing hostilities, international embargos and the destruction of infrastructure create new challenges for the supply of the people. The country is not able to guarantee the safety of humanitarian aid personnel. Also civil institutions such as hospitals and health facilities care homes have come under fire or have been destroyed. More than 12,000 civilians have lost their lives according to the international community. Many more people are about to die if the situation does not change quickly.

There is also the additional threat caused by the new virus Sars-CoV-2. Many countries are already busy fighting its consequences nationally and have therefore reduced their aid supplies to a minimum. Yemen is defenseless against this danger. Adequate medical care for infected people can not reasonably be envisaged. If there is not even pure drinking water, there is no way to imagine washing hands in clean water.

The Corona virus has already caused devastating damage in many parts of the world and claimed thousands of victims. But of all things, this minuscule and invisible enemy might have the potential to reunify the warring factions and bring Yemen the long-desired peace. With regard to the Corona pandemic COVID-19 the opposing parties have agreed upon a country-wide ceasefire – also to enable humanitarian aid for the population.

Clean drinking water is rare in Yemen. Picture: ADRA Yemen.

humedica remains by the side of ADRA Yemen. Jointly we secure the supply of 7,500 people. On site in the district in the Governorate Marib the partner organizes food and health care, currently the most important basic necessities for the population. Especially women and girls with children under five as well as children and people with special needs are most vulnerable. They will benefit from the support and receive access to health care services. Assembling medical emergency teams of practitioners, midwives, nurses and medical assistants will not only allow to care better for the needy people, but also to save lives.

Togehter against hunger. That is what we fighting for. Picture: ADRA Jemen.

Together with ADRA Yemen we engage to prevent gender-specific disadvantages for women and men. humedica and ADRA Yemen also take decisive action against malnourishment and work to ensure stationary treatment. In the fight against hunger every single life counts. This is what we fight for together.

We look forward to the future with hope and wish for Yemen the long-desired peace, so that the next generations will be able to grow up without experiencing hunger and suffering.

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