Denk Pharma: Medicaments for people in Eastern Europe

by Anna Grabner-Strobach,  2020/10/22

In more than 80 countries Denk Pharma employees work every day to improve the medical care for people. The traditional German company does not only take care of quality and medical innovation, it also takes care of people, who are not so well off and in dire need of help.

The contribution of the Denk Pharma company is one of the most valuable donations in kind, which humedica has received this year. Full of joy humedica accepted the medical goods worth half a million Euro. Aside from natural disasters and media coverage, especially in East European countries there are still large needs far from being covered yet. In particular in countries such as Romania the supply of people in need is very bad. A strained economic situation, poverty and an ailing health care system take away from the people any hope for a better life.

The humedica supply aid provides charitable institutions in currently 14 countries regularly with donations in kind. Our partners on site distribute the donations in orphanages, hospitals, mobile clinics, nursing homes and other auxiliary institutions.

Florica Albu, head and founder of the foundation Fundatioa Alpena. She ensures that people in need get medical care. Photo: humedica

An aid transport containing anything but the drug donation of Denk Pharma reached the Arad Municipal hospital in the city of Cluj-Napoca/Romania and the bordering rural care facilities via our project partner Prison Fellowship Romania. A second aid transport to Romania went to another committed and thankful beneficiary, our partner Fundatioa Alpema. Its head and founder is Florica Albu, who works as a pharmacist for the health ministry. She brings in her professional expertise and has been taking care of a fair distribution of supply goods and medicaments for many years. Focus of her pro bono work is a pharmacy for the poor. There, vulnerable people with a means test certificate and a prescription can get urgently needed medicaments.

Albania, too, benefits from the Denk Pharma aid supply. In the region of Fushe Arrez, the partner Sr Gratias Ruf could pass on urgently needed drugs to the hospital in Shkodra. Clinics in Tirana and surroundings received support from the partner Swiss Foundation for Innovation. „A heartfelt Thank You. This donation reaches many people, who get easily forgotten“, says Cecilia Homilius, humedica corporate communications officer. „Time and again, donations in kind like the one from Denk Pharma make it possible to ease pain and suffering.“

We sincerely thank Denk Pharma for this appreciated and generous donation.

Vulnerable people now receive help thanks to the DenkPharma donation. Photo: humedica

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