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Cyclone Amphan: humedica helps people in Bangladesh

Relief measures complicated by COVID 19


After the cyclone Amphan, the Kaufbeuren aid organization humedica assists the people in Bangladesh with food and hygiene articles. In a first step, humedica provides 30.000 Euro to support its local partner Bangladesh Nazarene Mission (BNM), which also distributes face masks.

Following the cyclone Amphan in Bangladesh whole villages have been flooded. People lost their homes, houses were destroyed. Photo: BNM

„The people in Bangladesh are hit by two disasters at the same time. The Covid19 pandemic impedes the relief measures considerably“, explains humedica general manager Johannes Peter. „Many people found shelter from the catastrophe in emergency accommodations. Yet, it is quite impossible to keep the necessary safety distance there.“

Cyclone Amphan has claimed at least 80 victims in Bangladesh and parts of India. Millions of people had to leave their homes and flee to emergency shelters. People were in panic, villages were submerged, houses were destroyed. „In one of the villages we are looking after, people were able to prevent a dam from breaking”, reports Steve Costa from BNM. „Many other villages were not so lucky – the water submerged them totally. What the people need most at the moment are food as well as hygiene articles. We therefore started immediately to distribute these items.“

In many places the dams broke down. Villages were completely submerged. Photo: BNM

Bangladesh is situated at the border of the Bay of Bengal, which is once and again hit by hard weather. Also thanks to international aid for example provided by„Helping Hands e.V.“, another humedica partner, the evacuation planning and provision of emergency shelters could be improved considerably in the last years. But this time the relief measures are complicated by Covid19.

„We looked into sending out an intervention team“, says humedica general manager Johannes Peter. „But this is not an option at this stage of the Corona pandemics. We are very glad to have such a competent partner as BNM on site, who had already started its relief measures in the run-up to this disaster.“

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In order to help the people in Bangladesh, humedica is in urgent need of support.

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