Corona – time for solidarity

humedica supports shopping service for people, who must stay at home

At present, Corona restricts the lives of all people. Keep the distance and close ranks. This is what counts these days. As the virus presents us with new challenges, solidarity among people is more important than ever.

Minor transactions or shopping are activities, which expose risk patients to a high danger of infection and therefore also a danger to life. Elder or medically disadvantaged people are urgently advised to stay at home and to avoid risky situations like public transfer or bigger gatherings. But how to provide for oneself, if you should not leave your home?

At our headquarters here in Kaufbeueren we from humedica support the neighbourhood help of the foundation "Stiftung Nächstenliebe in Aktion" (Charity in Action). Together with all people willing to help and for those, who need help, the foundation offers a platform for neighbourhood assistance.

If you live in the Kaufbeuren area and have the time and energy to assist people, who can or will not leave their homes due to the Corona virus, by shopping or running minor errands, please contact Dieter Groß by phone +49-(0)8341-43 88 910 or mobile +49-(0)160-9779 3013. The same goes for people, who depend on this kind of support. Please call and let us stand together. Thank you very much for your solidarity and stay in good health.

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