Christmas in Ethiopia

An imaginary journey with humedica

by Julia Kittnar,  2020/10/24

Still two months to go till Christmas, soon enough it will approach in big steps. How Christmas will look like in Germany this year? No one can be sure yet. Therefore, we would like you to invite you to a journey of the mind to Christmas in one of our project countries: Ethiopia..

Teklu and Melaku (on the right) with their mother Meskerem. Photo: humedica

For the next months, we will accompany the sisters Amina and Fridos as well as the two brothers Teklu and Melaku in their pre-Christmas period. They will tell us how they celebrate Christmas and what they really love about it. You will get to know their families as well as some humedica family projects in Ethiopia.

Why Ethiopia?

In Ethiopia, humedica has a subsidiary situated in the capital Addis Ababa. It coordinates all humedica projects in this country including, for more than ten years now, the family projects benefitting among others Amina and Fridos as well as Teklu and Melaku.

Amina (on the left) with her sister Fridos (on the right). Photo: humedica

We are also engaged in other regions with different focus: since 2011 we provide medical care for Somali refugees in the border area of Dollo Ado. A year later, we started to support the Kara tribe with a health care station.

This Christmas, we would like to acquaint you with both the country and its local projects near to our heart. In the spirit of Christmas we sincerely hope that the stories from Ethiopia bring as much joy to you as to ourselves and provide a small ray of hope in dark times.

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