Brazil´s invisible enemy

humedica Brazil fights against Corona

by Anna Grabner-Strobach,  2020/05/07

Brazil, too, has now exceeded the 100,000 mark. One hundred thousand people are infected with the new Corona virus. 8574 people have already died of its consequences. More than in Germany. It is very likely that the number of unreported cases surpasses the experts´ estimates significantly as only very ill people are tested in Brazil. Many things are lacking. Most of all medical equipment. Hospitals and other medical institutions are on the point of collaps. At a time when Brazil has not even reached the pandemic peak.

„The government has acted negligently, not every patient can be treated. It is therefore very difficult to stop the spreading of the virus. Pray for our people.“

A call for help from Andre-Luiz Barrospresident of humedica Brazil

While here everybody is bound to wear a face mask, no more than 5 per cent of the Brazilians living outside the major conurbations possess a mouth and nose protection mask. There is only a small amount of masks and hygiene equipment. Hence humedica Brazil has decided to employ younger women and mothers from poor families for the time of the pandemic. The ladies sew beautiful face masks, which humedica distributes to the needy population. Everybody pitches in to help. Also the humedica Brazil board member Leonardo de Souza takes part in the distribution and assists as best as he can.

Private cars bring the donations to the needy people, even far away. Photo: humedica-Brasil

Since the early days of the pandemic the humedica sister organization is fully committed. Its focus is to supply disadvantaged families. As the local kindergarten has closed in March, today there are also a lot more children to care for. The colleagues on site already printed out school materials, purchased color pencils and prepared learning tasks and homework for the children.

On Easter Sunday humedica Brazil has presented the children with 110 chocolate boxes. As officially registered organization humedica Brazil can also distribute food donations for the government. At the pandemic outset humedica contacted 65 families regularly and provided them with supply goods. humedica Brazil visits in particular the areas surrounding Rio such as Campo do Coelho, Prainha, Barracão dos Mendes and Conquista. humedica Brazil coordinators visit periodically families, who can not be reached by phone, in person – always maintaining the safety distance.

Also thanks to few individual donations in kind like food, clothing or hygiene articles provided by private citizens and companies, humedica Brazil can help at least a bit. Especially Starbucks recognizes the commitment of humedica Brazil and donates bread, coffee and milk.

humedica Brazil also provides people, who live on the outskirts of Rio, with food packages. Homeless people living in the slums of Rio are at the mercy of the virus. They can not go anywhere else, only few people take care of them. For humedica and its sister organization all human lives have the same value, which is why also the Kaufbeuren headquarters in Germany try to support Brazil as best as possible.

People, who have nothing, are hit the hardest. Homeless people are at the mercy of the virus. Photo: humedica-Brasil

The Brazilian humedica team has widened its operation area and now also visits regularly the region of Jardim Maravilha. It has already been hit hard by heavy floods in March. The people still suffering from the flood consequences. Here poverty and crime are ruling, forgotten by the government. Determined not to abandon the people living there, humedica Brazil plans to initiate a disaster emergency training in order to prepare the inhabitants better for future disasters.
Till then all colleagues work tirelessly to assist other people and bring light to the darkest corners of Rios. Join in to help!

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