Bookshop Timbooktu: a reading for Beirut

Pierre Jarawan read from his book „Ein Lied für die Vermissten” - a story from Lebanon


The bookshop Timbooktu donated 900 Euro to the Lebanon aid of humedica. The contribution´s special feature: the team collected this amount thanks to the reading of Pierre Jarawan, an author, whose father originates from Lebanon.

Kerstin Stawarz from the bookstore Timbooktu had the idea for this evening and developed the concept. Therefore, the complete entrance fees for the reading of Jarawan went to humedica.

The decision to help Lebanon has not been random: Jarawan has not only personal ties to the country where his father comes from - he also writes about it. The book „Ein Lied für die Vermissten“ that he presented this evening takes place in Lebanon´s capital Beirut, which had been ravaged by the explosions. Spiced up with personal anecdotes and historic side notes his story introduced the audience to the city.

Kerstin Stawarz (on the left), Jürgen Wiedemann (second from the right) and Anke Koreck (on the right side) from the bookstore Timbooktu proudly handed over the donation cheque to humedica employee Carina Freudig (second from the left). Photo: Sibylle Reiter

It did not take long to decide that the revenue should go to humedica. „We like to donate to humedica, because we are sure that the money arrives, where it is needed“, stresses Jürgen Wiedemann, the bookshop owner. „Here we feel that we can make a real difference and our donation does not get lost in the general mass“, he explains.

We thank the Timooktu team, the audience and Pierre Jarawan, who topped up the donation additionally by voluntary contributions as well as by the revenue of the on-site sale of books and audio books. Thank you so much for enabling our help!

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