Bangladesh after the cyclone: contaminated water threatens people´s health

by Julia Kittnar,  2020/06/17

No home, no food, no drinking water: This alarming situation is reality for Rihaa* and her family after cyclone Amphan has destroyed their house. humedica supports her as well as many other families in Bangladesh.

In the night from the 20th to the 21st of May cyclone Amphan hit the coast of Bangladesh and parts of India: the storm raged at more than 180 kilometres per hour. Heavy rainfall and meter-high waves destroyed whole regions. Dams were breached in several places. Villages were flooded. Amphan ranks as the most violent cyclone of the last ten years in this region. More than 80 people died, numerous lost their homes. .

Rihaa´s house was destroyed in wide parts. Her family used to make a living by selling fish at the market. Now this livelihood is threatened: the storm has not only wrecked villages and dams, but also impaired the fisheries sector. But first of all, Rihaa is worried about the health of her family. „I wish there was enough clean drinking water“, mourns Rihaa, as the storm also brought contaminated water ashore. Her ten-year-old daughter already suffered from these consequences: she contracted diarrhoea from the dirty water.

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Cyclone Amphan destroyed many houses and left people homeless. Photo: humedica/Uttam Daas

humedica tries to help in this situation as best as possible. Our partner on site, Bangladesh Nazarene Mission (BNM), already distributed hygiene articles and food to 1,100 households. Even before this cyclone saline solutions had been stored as preventive against contaminated water. Nevertheless, the situation is difficult: even under normal circumstances it would be a challenge to observe essential sanitary measures. Due to Corona it has become even more difficult. It is nearly impossible to help and to keep the necessary distance at the same time.

BNM employee Uttam Daas has compassion with the victims: „The situation here is so desperate that I feel bad, just because I am able to eat and to sleep in a house.“ Like him also Rihaa has no greater wish than to return to her normal life: she dreams of a house solid enough to withstand the next cyclone. At the moment her family is not even able to rebuild her old home. Anuva has a relatively simple dream for the moment: „I want to return to school and play with my friends.”

*The names in this report were changed.

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