Augustinum Foundation supports Corona aid in Brazil


The suffering in Brazil caused by Corona is still great. Counting more than five million infected people and more than 150,000 fatalities, Brazil has been hit hard by the Corona pandemics. In the slums of Rio de Janeiro many day laborers lost their jobs in the lockdown. Often, there is only limited access to hygiene articles and food. To alleviate this misery the Augustinum Foundation decided to support humedica´s Corona aid in Brazil.

„We are committed to Christian values and are willing to take on responsibility for those, who were suffering from disadvantages even before the pandemics and now need our help more than ever“, says Joachim Gengenbach, chairman of the Augustinum Foundation. Precisely because Germany has weathered the pandemics quite well in contrast to other countries, the foundation feels obliged to help in regions, where the situation is worse. The Augustinum Foundation supports financially a variety of projects to assist people in challenging life situations. „We are glad to support the important humanitarian work of humedica, because we know that its help reaches the people directly“, continues Gengenbach.

humedica Brazil for example distributes food, sanitary products, face masks and clothes

humedica Brazil for example distributes food, sanitary products, face masks and clothes. As also schools were closed during lockdown, pupils were provided with material for their school work at home. Several seamstresses were engaged to produce face masks. Thus, these women had the chance to earn some money in these difficult circumstances while producing urgently needed facemasks. .

"We are happy that we will be able to achieve even more with partners like the Augustinum Foundation", humedica chairwoman Heinke Rauscher thanks the foundation situated in Augsburg, Germany. “Since many years we are engaged in Nova Friburgo, Brazil, helping children and families in need. In the day care center they get a substantial meal and help with their homework as well. It is of great importance to us to stand by them also in these difficult times.”

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