Bidding for the good cause

Airbus Foundation sells piece of art at auction to support Corona aid in Ethiopia


A very special work of art is auctioned off for the benefit of the humedica Corona aid in Ethiopia. Guided by the artist and graduate designer Robert Matzke 12 Airbus students created jointly a piece of art called „Gastropoda“. From the 1st of June it will be auctioned online by Ketterer Kunst. The starting bit is 100 Euro. The revenue will benefit the purchase of protective Corona clothing for the medical personnel of humedica in Ethiopia, who takes care of Somali refugees.

„I am very glad that we can contribute to help destitute people, who are in dire need of support especially in these difficult times, together with the Airbus Foundation, which assisted the trainees in the course of this project“, says Robert Ketterer, auctioneer and owner of Ketterer Kunst. „Working with art has unleashed a lot of creativity here. It does not only give food for thought, it also shows concrete solidarity.“

This image is called „Gastropoda“. It will be auctioned by the first of June for the benefit of the humedica Corona relief aid.

„Gastropoda“ represents a running heart-stomach creature carrying it´s home like a satchel on its back into an uncertain, but at the same time promising distance - in an environment characterized by extremes like trailer home culture and high-tech skyline. Above all a comparably small flying Airbus object is floating, which would not be able to accommodate this homeland. You could hardly represent any better the concept of a home, which you carry in your heart.”

„Also the refugees at the Ethiopian-Somali border carry their home countries in their hearts,“ explains the responsible humedica employee Cecilia Homilius the connection between the large-size piece of art and the supported project. „However, many of them do not have the option to return to their homeland that quickly. Covid19 complicates the situation in the refugee camps all over the world even more. We thank Airbus and Ketterer Kunst very much for supporting our humanitarian aid with this campaign.”

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