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After the fires in Moria: humedica helps with aid supplies


After the fires in the Greek refugee camp Moria, most of the approximately 12,000 camp inhabitants are left with nothing, once again. humedica supports them with the most necessary basics. Photos: Salomé Wiedmer, Eurorelief

After the fires in the Greek refugee camp in Lesbos the Kaufbeuren humanitarian aid organization humedica supports the people with urgently needed supply goods. It is planned to provide the refugees with the bare necessities in cooperation with the partner Eurorelief.

„We are devastated by the events. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people, who have once more lost everything in the flames,“ says humedica managing director Heinke Rauscher.

The fires in the last two nights destroyed the refugee camp on the Greek island of Moria totally. At the moment it is not clear what happens afterwards for most of the approximately 12,000 inhabitants.

„Several thousands of refugees and migrants are now homeless and are roaming the island. They are waiting at the roadside and at open spaces like parking lots”, reports Kelly Mulholland from the humedica partner Eurorelief. „Together with other aid organizations we assess their needs for food and accommodation and help to alleviate their suffering wherever we can.“

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Many families have lost everything to the fires in the refugee camp Moria. Photo: Salomé Wiedmer, Eurorelief

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