After the explosion in Beirut some people are even lacking soap


The explosion on the 4th of August snatched away everyday routines, apartments and even lives from many people in Beirut. One month later, humedica is still on site to help the people. Now, the common everyday needs of people, who are especially vulnerable at the moment, come into focus.

After providing emergency aid, humedica already distributed sanitary products and face masks to the people in Beirut in order to protect them from the Corona virus, which could spread easily after the explosion.

The detonation on the 4th of August in Beirut destroyed many houses. Some people lost all they had. Photo: humedica

Now additional sanitary products have been distributed to women, who have next to nothing left in the current situation: before they had worked as housekeepers for Lebanese families. Even before the explosion life had been difficult for them. Due to the economic crisis in Lebanon less jobs were left, many of the women lost their work.

In the meanwhile, the prospects for these women have become almost hopeless. Without a job they are even lacking basic items such as soap. Sanitary towels, too, have become expensive due to the economic crisis and the explosion. They have become a luxury, which many women cannot afford.

For some women sanitary towels have become a hardly affordable luxury. Photo: humedica

humedica helps by distributing these basic sanitary products, which should not be luxury articles for anybody. In total 600 pieces of soap and 400 sanitary towels reached these women. Thank you for standing with us on the side of these people!

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