After cyclone Burevi: flashfloods in Sri Lanka


The 2nd of December the cyclone Burevi hit Sri Lanka entailing flashfloods. Tens of thousands had to be evacuated and are now in dire need of support. humedica helps them also with sanitary products.

Still thousands of people in emergency shelters are still awaiting the end of the flashfloods. Photo: humedica

According to media reports the government had brought more than 10,000 people to safety, before Burevi hit the country. At least two persons died in the storm. Many people cannot yet return to their homes: a lot of houses are under water due to the subsequent flashfloods.

humedica Lanka distributes vital sanitary products to the most affected victims. Photo: humedica

The health of the people is now especially important: Corona does not stop at the gates of the emergency shelters. The difficult hygiene conditions play their part in this situation. humedica Lanka therefore supports the people, who have been hit hardest by this situation: hundreds of households are provided with sanitary products, mosquito nets and personal protective equipment as well as face masks.

Help us to assist the people in Sri Lanka in these difficult times! Thank you so much for your support!

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